Our skilled dentists and team provide tooth-colored dental fillings to repair your damaged teeth. Dental fillings are typically used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage, such as racks, fractures, chipping and cavities. Dental fillings restore the shape and appearance of your teeth and work to strengthen and preserve your tooth structure.

While dental fillings have traditionally been made of silver-colored amalgam material, our office chooses to use tooth-colored (composite) filling materials exclusively. We do this for several reasons. Composite fillings blend with the natural color of your teeth to produce a more beautiful result. They also require less removal of your original tooth structure to provide a healthier, long-term solution.

Your dental filling can be completed in a single appointment. Dr. Remington Townsend or Dr. Jacob Condon will begin by cleaning your tooth and removing all decay and damage so that the filling can be placed. We may apply a special medication if the damage reached close to the inner nerves of your tooth. The composite filling is then placed and shaped to match the contours of your tooth. Finally, our dentists will harden and polish your new filling.

We welcome you to call us at 406-655-4210 to learn more about tooth-colored dental fillings in Billings, Montana, and to schedule your appointment with our dentists at Remington Family Dental.