If you are missing a tooth, Dr. Remington Townsend or Dr. Jacob Condon may recommend replacing it with a dental implant. Dental implants replace both the root and crown of your tooth, providing you with a restoration that is highly stable and which actively works to improve your oral health by stimulating your supporting bone tissue. Implants may replace a single tooth, several teeth or an entire arch of teeth.

The first step of your implant treatment is surgically placing the implant post into your jaw at the site of the missing tooth. Implant posts replace the tooth root and are usually made of titanium. The implant post will help ensure that your implant remains stable in your mouth. A period of healing will then follow so that the post can integrate with your jawbone. Following this healing period, our dentists will place a restoration on the post. Your implant restoration may be a crown, bridge or denture, depending on your individual needs.

Dental implants are intended to be permanent restorations and can last for a lifetime when properly cared for with good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments for preventive care.

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